"I'm Scheduled for Surgery"

Having surgery is an important event in the treatment of your condition or injury.  Being prepared for your surgery is CRITICALLY important.

First, all patients need medical clearance to proceed with the surgery from their primary care physician.  Your primary care doctor will review:

In addition, if you are seeing a medical specialist such a s cardiologist or pulmonologist, you will also need medical clearance from that doctor.

Getting the Surgery Authorized by Your Insurance

Depending on your insurance, some patients may needs to get authorization from their insurance carrier before surgery.  This is handled directly by the Sun Valley Orthopedic Surgeons and requires no action on your part.

No Smoking Before and After Surgery

No smoking instructions will be given to those patients whose procedure requires them to stop smoking.

Preparing for Your Specific Surgery

Pre-Op instructions are given to every patient either by the surgeon or medical assistant.  Be sure to review these instructions very carefully and to contact us if you have any questions.  The phone number is included on the Pre-Op instructions.

After Surgery

We see all patients two weeks after your surgery, and then monthly thereafter.  Of course, if you have questions or concerns we would be happy to see you sooner!