"I Have Pain in One or More of My Joints"

First, thank you for choosing Sun Valley Orthopedic Surgeons!  We pride ourselves on having helped thousands of patients just like you recover from their pain or injury to lead a more enjoyable life.

Before you see us, it’s important to confirm that your health insurance allows you to see an orthopedic surgeon directly.  Some plans require that you first see a primary care physician, while others allow you to see us without first seeing a primary care physician.  If you’re not sure about your insurance, please check with your health plan or benefits coordinator.

We encourage you to learn more about your injury or condition in our Patient Library.  Our award-winning library contains thousands of pages of content and has been approved directly by a medical panel.

If you’re not sure if your injury or condition requires an appointment, we recommend that you first see your primary care physician.  If you’d like to see an orthopedic surgeon directly, we’d be delighted to assist!

Making an Appointment

To make an appointment, please call the Office Location where you’d like to be seen.  Please be sure to bring any diagnostic images such as MRI’s, CAT Scans, X-Rays, or other films you may have relating to your injury.  We’re looking forward to meeting you!